Goofing around. Me and my Boy

Goofing around with my boy, playing with my DIY Beauty Dish and Lightroom.  As he has no time to watch his old man at his age fumbling around with equipment, this shoot literally lasted about the time it's gonna take for you to view them. haha

 Aidan said i looked like MegaMind in this pic.  So I ran with it.
I'm ready for the remake of Teen Wolf here! lol

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5 comments to “Goofing around. Me and my Boy”
clipping path said...

awesome post! thanks a lot for sharing...

simpletutors said...

You are really looking so funny. Always have fun with your kids.

Clipping Path Service said...

Looks so cool. Nice photo work, very enjoyable. Thanks for share this wonderful post. :)

Chudex's said...

Nice picture, thanks for shared.

Photography_of_NYC said...

The MegaMind shot was cool...


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