Project 365 - Day 1 - Racing Cup Win!

Embarking on my first 365 project.  Wish me luck!  Day One.  After staring and laughing at my boys expressions while playing i wanted to snap a flick but then it dawned on me i really wanted to set something up.  And since i have been meaning to start a 365 i figured the time was ripe.  WARNING:  They may not all be this good! lol

Camera Info:24mm, f/4, 1/180s, ISO 200

Strobist Info: See setup shot here.
Canon 580EXII Camera Right behind, 1/4 power, @105mm zoom, fired thru 20" Speedlite Softbox
Canon 580EXII Camera Front, 1/4 power, @105mm zoom, fired thru Orbis Ring Flash
Flashes triggered with Ebay Triggers.

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2 comments to “Project 365 - Day 1 - Racing Cup Win!”
Photography_of_NYC said...

Good Luck I wish you the best in your project would really like to see where this goes

nothingprofound said...

Looks like you have a future Formula 500 driver on your hands. Great shot!


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