Project 365 - Day 55 - Back in the Game

Sorry folks for those who follow (much love and thanks) had to fall back a few days.  Had to bog down at home and knock out a few jobs that pay the bills.  Took a quick snap while i parked for a bit to watch the game.  I don't ever have the time to watch a full game these days, I enjoy the first 10 minutes and the last quarter and i'm good.  Booked alot of upcoming work which will fuel this hobby nicely.  This year God willing seems to be shaping up nicely unless May 21st is the end of days and then i guess it's been fun! (So say the religious nuts)  Have to plan something for that.  I'm open to suggestions.

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P.S. I will be putting together a raffle to win a free shoot on me!  details coming soon.

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