Project 365 - Day 71 - If these shoes could talk

If these shoes could talk they'd tell you of a life of pain & joy, struggle and prosperity, abuse and love. No one in my life has influenced me more than my mother. Thru all of life's ups and downs (and she'll tell you first hand it's been more down) she continues to fight. This was a quick snap while waiting to see the neurologist. She is suffering from a nerve disorder called Tardive Dyskensia she's asked me not to take pictures of her while she's going thru this ordeal.  At first i thought i could record her and use the images for this project but she quickly shut me down. My mother has always been a private person and has never been one to share her business. I guess in some ways i understand why i am the same way (and now how i'm tryin to conquer that in myself). So i will respect her wishes. This project is sort of a window into my life. At times you can tell my likes/dislikes my hobbies, my passions, my loves. For those who follow (vocally & quietly) I thank you.

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